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Terms and Conditions of Banking Executive Search Services

Professional Fees

For Identification, Recruitment, Assessment, Attraction and Retention

Executive searches are conducted on a contractual basis and the fee is determined by the first year's remuneration. All professional fees are billed in (3) three equal, (30) thirty-day increments representing (1/3) thirds. 


Expenses, if any, such as client approved candidate transportation and lodging during applicable searches are the responsibility of the client company and are deemed a search expense. The client company is billed monthly for client pre-authorized expenses.

Upon Identification and Acceptance

When the new executive is “Identified and Accepts” all professional fees received to date are applied to the final bill. Any remaining pre-authorized expenses or credits are also reconciled at the completion of the search assignment.


Filcro Financial Staffing’s recruitment and identification efforts are contractually guaranteed.

If an identified “senior executive” should leave an assignment during the first year of employment due to a lack of performance, Filcro Financial Staffing will identify another similarly compensated executive for that position, minus any professional fees.

Provided as Parts of the Executive Search Process

  • Job description formulation
  • Competitor compensation structures
  • Identification
  • Recruitment
  • Assessment & Verification
  • Attraction
  • Relocation guidance
  • Retention plan


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