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Identification Methodologies, Efficacy, Modality and SEIT Reporting
Filcro Financial Staffing has been utilizing proprietary methodologies to facilitate specialized domestic and international banking executive search assignments, since 1985.  The firm’s banking division utilizes an orchestrated search process that is implemented vertically within all our practice groups, to identify banking employees on a multitude of levels.  Our search, identification and search ecology process is transparent, collaborative and highly effective.

Establishing Goals

Banking Recruitment Methods of Filcro Financial StaffingWorking in collaboration with our client banks, we analyze needs and establish goals to determine the desired soft and hard skill sets.  We obtain an understanding of organizational relationships, reporting matrixes, culture and define the required banking industry experience and other key tactical and strategic characteristics to qualify appropriate candidates, prior to identification.

Once a bank or financial organization's immediate and long-term goals have been established collaboratively, we prepare a document that outlines the responsibilities of the executive, the skills required of the "ideal executive" and the scope of the work our firm will perform during the recruitment and attraction process.

This "search document" (T&C) or contract, is utilized in the establishment of a search universe.  Once the search universe evolves candidates are tiered based on mean(s) established within the "search document" subsequent to our interaction with the hiring executive or human resource representative.  Proceeding expeditiously with appraisals of those most qualified from the search universe, this information constantly reestablishes and improves the mean of the entire search.  This documented search universe and all associated materials and information are titled as a "search ecology" for client review during the recruitment process.

Qualified candidates are interviewed, evaluated and profiled on a multitude of levels.  Hard and soft skill assessment is facilitated by established "Profiles".  Scenario and other proprietary methodologies are utilized to garner as much insight as possible into the functional experience and capacity of each candidate.
Once an "ideal" group of individuals has been identified verification of their work history, compensation structures, education, achievements and relationships is initiated.

Subsequent to the above being documented and verified, we establish three "tiers" and submit the first tier candidate(s) to a client company.

Filcro Financial Staffing combines traditional and proprietary search tools to enhance the identification process by increasing access to real-time 24/7 information.  The result is a simple, highly effective and sophisticated tool called SEIT.  All clients who utilize Filcro Financial Staffing to identify "Senior Officers" have access to our proprietary SEIT system, pronounced “see it”. SEIT stands for Search Ecology Information Technology.

The entire search ecology and associated documentation including: resumes, profiles, letters of reference, scheduling of logistics and logistical coordination of interviews, travel and client meetings are facilitated by Filcro Financial Staffing's SEIT system.  When reporting to a single CXO, Director, HR executive or an entire executive search committee, SEIT provides unprecedented information flow and verification to everyone involved.  Not only does it facilitate process transparency, clients can view the actual cadence and anticipate the completion of the search with confidence.

The firm believes that the search process should be collaborative. Once a confidential SEIT environment is established it functions in real-time and is available anywhere in the World with simple access to the Internet.  A client in Los Angeles, Washington DC, Japan or New York can participate 24/7 in any search and view the ecology in real-time regardless of their travel plans, access to traditional documentation, or the geographic location of the search itself.

Client Assessments

As clients evaluate each candidate through their own internal hiring process we communicate effectivly to assure that each candidate’s qualifications are appropriate based on the client's "ideal".  Subsequent to each interview our firm will also confirm mutual interest, compensation, family, relocation, visa and contractual issues if any, to attract the "ideal" executive.  We will assist when requested in establishing a formal offer of employment that is appropriate to attract the "ideal" executive.

Once the new employee is in place our firm stays involved in the acclimation phase to assure client and candidate satisfaction.  This process includes work and personal specifics that are intended to assure longevity and the executive's success.

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