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Fee schedule & FAQ's of banking recruitment services offered for employers

What are the costs associated with utilizing Filcro Financial Staffing?

Domestic: Fees range from 20% to 25% of the first year cash remuneration and are based on the position, number of positions, and the logistics required to administer and complete the search assignments. 

International: Fees range from 24% to 30% of the first year cash remuneration and are based on the status of the position and logistics required to administer and complete the search.  All international searches are conducted on a retained basis by an officer of the company.

Are employees hired and recruited guaranteed?

Filcro Financial Staffing contractually guarantees 100% of the work completed.

If a candidate should leave the position based on performance, we will replace that employee with a similarly compensated employee for free.

Recruitment methodologies and efficacy

The efficacy, modality and types of recruitment methodologies - Methodology Link

What are the guarantee periods offered?

Filcro Financial Staffing offers 60, 90, 120 & 365 day guarantee periods contingent upon the nature of the search assignment.  Board, M&A, Consultancy and Receivership terms can vary. 

What types and levels of banking and financial personnel does Filcro Financial Staffing identify?

From "Bank President" to "Vice President" to "Analyst" to "Director" to "Client Services" to "Administrator".  Paralegal, MKtg & BD and Human Resource positions are quite frequent.

Filcro Financial Staffing offer a complete recruitment and search solution to our all our clients.  From the World's largest financial institutions to small private equity funds and law firms, we provide permanent employees on every level.

At Bank Staffers we service our clients successfully by offering "one simple and effective environment" that functions with the customer's business goal always in mind.  From college grad to senior banking officer, we offer a total recruitment solution to all our valued clients.

How do we pay Filcro Financial Staffing?

Fees are due in U.S. Dollars by mail or wire transfer.

Do we receive a contract?

Yes.  Every search assignment is guaranteed by a contract outlining the fee, the work to be performed, respective guarantee period, employee job description and performance.

What is Filcro Financial Staffing's formal business status?

Filcro Financial Staffing is a wholly owned division of Filcro Personnel, Inc.  Filcro Personnel Inc. is a New York State Corporation founded in 1985 with primary offices located at 295 Madison Avenue in New York City.  The firm operates in The Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and The Middle East.

Media and Corporate Communications Recruitment for Bankers

Media and Corporate Communications searches as of 2019 are being conducted by Filcro Media Staffing.  Please view their Corporate Communications and Production Groups based our your domestic or global media recruitment needs.

What is the relationship between BankStaffers and Filcro Financial Staffing? and BankStaffers are copy and trademarked by Filcro Financial Staffing.  
"BankStaffers" enhances Filcro Financial Staffing's recruitment efforts and visibility within domestic and international financial communities.

A Specialized Compliance Group Opens in New York

Based on the needs of our firm's U.S. and international clients, Filcro Financial Staffing opened specific recruitment group for three tiers of compliance recruitment.  2018 was a record year for this banking recruitment group and we anticipate continued growth in 2019.

Filcro Financial Staffing identified a market and augmented our traditional compliance recruitment group in anticipation of pending legislation.

The firm's capacity in domestic and international markets permits identification in all areas required for industry and government compliance CONUS & OCONUS. 

Our firm has both legislative and industry awareness that assures proper identification.  The firm continues to be proactive in operations, technologies and new financial instrument awareness to assure that our clients are kept ahead of market and industry trends.

Which banking and financial communities does Filcro Financial Staffing service?

Filcro Financial Staffing serves every major banking center in the World with discretion..

Domestic and international clients are serviced from our New York City offices for both U.S. based and expatriate recruitment assignments.

Who do we contact to initiate or discuss a single search or multiple job openings?

Helene Crocitto Executive Vice President of Filcro Financial Staffing a Banking Executive Search Firm

Helene Crocitto 
Executive Vice President 
Filcro Financial Staffing 
New York, NY  10017
Tel. (212) 599-0909 ext. 213 
Fax (212) 599-5050
Email for search initiation


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